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So it's summer. And it's not summer vacation because that would imply only a brief hiatus between two periods of the same-old-same-old, and I'm done with school for now. For the first time in my life, I'm done with school on a semi-long-term basis. Semi-long-term because I plan to come back, for an MFA in creative writing and an MA in history and an MLIS, but have no definite plans on when or where or how that'll be happening.

Being a grown-up? Kinda scary.

At least I know more or less where I'll be at the end of summer. Which, ironically, is back in school but on the other side of the teacher's desk, and on the other side of the world. Terrifying thought, innit? Me, teaching children. Worrisome at best.

Stuff I'm working on now:
  • getting together F4 visa docs
  • submitting metamorph to DHC
  • taking care of my poor ears because I stretched them too fast like a dumbass

    Vince is moving out tomorrow morning in a few hours, taking half of the living room furniture and ruining my life. Geh. Everything is happening so fast. After the past year, what with applying to futurethings and writing my thesis, I'd really like to just curl up and hibernate for a couple months, but I guess I'll just have to hit the ground running.
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