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I was a white male, maybe 30 years old, teaching Japanese to elementary school kids aboard a spacecraft, all seated on the floor on cushions. Time was a bit weird; I think Japan was still in its feudal era at the time. It was my first day teaching, and an older dude (another teacher?) was watching, so I was trying my damnedest to look like I had my shit together. It was going pretty well until we hit some sort of space turbulence—the whole deck started bucking, lights flickering, and all the kids started screaming and scrambling about.

A boy, maybe 10-ish years old, chose that moment to walk in late, and acting like nothing was wrong in an attempt to keep the kids calm, I demanded that he try to read a short sign in Japanese. He said, “I don’t think this is the best time, sir,” and I said sarcastically, “It never is. Just read it.” And he did, flawlessly, with a perfect accent. It turned out that he had grown up in Japan until his parents were killed in a coup. (There was a weird moment where I looked at the slip of paper, on which mostly hiragana was written, and I was lyk, Wtf, I can’t read Japanese.)

Our ship docked without further incident, and there was this lady I was wooing, so I spent the night talking with her while the town had some sort of festival, fireworks going off overhead.

Cut to a buddy of mine, who accused an alien—hard brown skin, bulbous head, elongated fingers and feet but otherwise humanoid—of putting moves on “my girl.” The alien in question protested, my friend started shouting, the alien’s four friends all jumped up to defend their little guy. My buddy pulled a push knife out of his afro and started slashing at them, really just to make them keep their distance, and the four alien friends fell flat on their backs. I think it was a defensive measure, or sign of submission, but the planet’s gravity didn’t agree with them and they had a hard time getting back up. Meanwhile, my buddy slashed the first alien’s bikini top string and pushed it in the pool.

And suddenly I was me again and in an above-ground pool in someone’s back yard in Earth suburbia, trying out a new flotation device. L swam by and shouted something about being at UIowa for another six years in the capacity of a grad student/instructor. I guess all the water imagery made me have to pee, ‘cause that’s when I woke up.

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Date: 2009-11-20 02:40 am (UTC)
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God, I better not be here for another 6 years. :P


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