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Here, have a meme:

01. Comment to this entry saying 'ICONS!' and I will pick 6 of your icons.
02. Make an entry in your own journal and talk about the icons I picked!

Mein responses:

1. trystero

A symbol from Thomas Pynchon's Crying of Lot 49, representing a super secret shadowy postal service that may or may not exist. The narrator keeps spotting the muted posthorn throughout her journey--as graffiti, on a lapel pin, tattooed on a man's hand, drawn in chalk in some kids' hopscotch game, which I rather enjoyed. And the way the postal system worked was neat and reminiscent of childhood games: drop your letter/package/whatever into a waste bin or behind a lamp post, and some hobo-looking guy might saunter by the in the dead of night to pick it up and deliver it.

As the book was kind of a fun mindjob, AND introduced me to Pynchon, AND resonated with me in terms of relating to some of my childhood imaginary friends, I've grown to be really fond of this symbol, and have referenced it in some of my own stories. (Which my fic teachers have noticed and deemed inappropriate ^^;)

2. obama: can you smell

So I may be overly fond of Obama 'cause he was the first president for whom I was able to vote, and he won, and it was awesome, and also he's awesome and a ninja geek. But this icon especially tickled my fancy 'cause it reminded me of all the sixth-grade boys in my grade school who would run around arching their eyebrows and yelling, "Can you SMELL what the ROCK is COOKING?" (My response, invariably, was a deadpanned, "No.")

3. supersecretevilplan

The penguins were my favorite part of Madagascar! The icon title is based on what Dennis Leary's character would call his underhanded schemes to get what he wanted in the few episodes of Rescue Me that I saw, and what I've come to use to refer to... anything I'm kindasorta intending-in-a-vague-and-unrealized-way to do. I thought they went well together.

4. all in your head

My headvoicey/neuroses/dreamtiemz icon, because sometimes I feel like the things in my head are screaming to get out, or at least be acknowledged, and because this picture is pretty.

5. red dragon

My ink-related bodymod icon. Oh my god, you guys, I think Red Dragon is such a sweet movie, probably equal in my heart to Hannibal. I like how Dollarhyde's obsessions drove him to such great lengths--you know, beyond the serial killer thing; getting ink like that is a long, painful, expensive process and requires a certain level of devotion to the concept being permanently tattooed to your skin. Also, I think full back tattoos are hella hott. Also-also, I used to really like William Blake (and UIowa's Main Library displayed his art for a while!).

6. bumblebear!

Mostly this icon just really amused me, and combined Vince's fear (BEES!) with my #1 Threat To America should I ever realize my dream to move to Alaska (OMFG BEARS/smelly ninja bears). :D I also have myriad, often quite ridiculous fears.

1. gypsy punk

I noticed this icon a couple times and really liked it; then I looked up Eugene Hütz and decided I really like Gogol Bordello, his gypsy punk band. I'm actually not a huge fan of straight-up punk music (which seems to come as a surprise to the world), but I heart the aesthetic and have loved everything I've heard that fuses punk with another genre. I like a lot of what Hütz has to say about society and music in general, so. (Blackbird Raum and DeVotchKa are apparently also filed under 'gypsy punk', and I love them verily as well.)

2. leslie: need coffee to function

I love me some Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. The concept, the character, most of the execution, awesome. Cropped this icon from a deleted scene in which he has an uncharacteristically grouchy face for just one moment, which I associate with his lack of coffee that morning. And half the time, I, too, (as Vadim put it) am not a human being before my first cup of coffee.

3. reading: kicking it oldschool

I really like books! I really like old books! Candlelight is pretty neat! And I am rather old-fashioned, I guess, because I prefer to cleave to my little paperbound friends in the face of e-Books and Readers and whatever else newfangled alien technology produces. THOUGH THEY ARE SO ANNOYING ON MOVING DAY.

4. trystero

Oh ho, a double! I will add some fun facts about Trystero: one of my favorite parts of The Crying of Lot 49 is when Pynchon summarizes a made-up Jacobean revenge tragedy in rather satirical terms. Also, I very much considered getting a muted posthorn tattoo, but because I tend to tell my dad about all my tattoos, and because my getting ink that symbolizes an old (if fictional) foe of the USPS would prolly make him cry more than my Japanese one, I have refrained. But I still think about it.

5. lead with light

I really like lamps, and I don't know why. Just something about the way they look. I'm not overly fond of beaches, but I like the sea. And a beach at dusk/dawn, by lamplight? Sounds pretty awesome. I tend to relate this icon to softer things, and surreal things.

6. michele

I was on a Caravaggio kick when I read about this movie, and because it had Tilda Swinton in it, I HAD to see it, which resulted in a Nigel Terry kick that ended in disappointment because I think his role as Michele is his best ever (THOUGH I HAVE YET TO SEEM HIM PLAY BOSOLA OMG OMG I WANT THAT FOOTAGE OMG). Anyway, I proceeded to watch Caravaggio over and over again and read the script/director's notes and then order it online. It is pretty. And has a sweet knife fight and there is blood and that is nice. Also, Tilda Swinton. This film inspired another tattoo idea as well ("Nec spe, nec metu" or "No hope, no fear.")

Anyway, I cropped this shot from one of the cuter, more peaceful scenes; Michele is trying to play with the kid he just... bought/adopted, and is pretending to be scared when the kid runs at him using Michele's painting of Medusa's severed head as a mask. I just liked the lighting and the moment and Nigel Terry's face, and can now relate it to my own awkward interactions with my similar-aged students. -_-
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